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Software examples
and Demonstrations

This video shows you what is possible using Bentley ConceptStation and LumenRT.
From start to finish it took us less than half a day to create the concept alignment in ConceptStation which was then exported to LumenRT to add the trees and traffic.
You’ll notice that traffic and bird sounds have been added to the video – all of these features are in LumenRT.
As training partners for Bentley Systems we can show you how to do this.

This video shows a highway model created with Bentley Openroads Designer which was then exported to LumenRT.
The original Openroads model also has the 3D symbols from the BIMsafe application inserted into the model to represent risks where they occur.
The trees and traffic were all added quickly inside LumenRT

This video shows a model created for Rackheath Railway Bridge near Norwich, showing the major construction phases.
The model was created in Openroads Designer with the bridge abutments and wingwalls created in Microstation.
The steel beams were inported from a 3D Autocad model provided by the steel manufacturer.
The finished model was exported to LumenRT where the timelapse video was created.

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